It took Lea more than thirty years to discover the depths of her imagination. Her jewelry design exudes elegance and intricacy. “I dream that one day, my daughters will be proud of me, and that they’d pursue a dignified life because of my own story.”



Celebrating the light that her children give her, Ghing’s designs are playful, colorful, and quirky. “I hope that those who wear my jewelry feel connected to my energy. I pray that they feel the happiness in my heart as I explore and create.”



As a Mother of seven children, Lala takes pride in her power to love, care, and guide. Her free spirit shines through in her creations- evoking the Bohemian vibe. “I have always felt the richness of swimming against the current.”



Her quiet nature allows her to cultivate a much deeper relationship with nature and the inner world. Jen-jen’s genuine artistry radiate in her jewelry designs. Her innate gift to create through her sensitivity frees her heart and awes others.