Ethos & Impact

Upholding values

co-creating change

Our dream of giving art back to the community has unfolded possibilities of deepening our ethos. We are constantly learning (unlearning) and as we receive wisdom from the people we work with and the places we lay our awe upon, we aspire to inspire:

TRANSPARENCY – with open dialogue and plotting of the process face to face- from workshops to marketing, we are able to keep a transparent relationship with our artist-collaborators and the participants. We also keep them in the loop in case we have interested partners. 

FAIR TRADE – for every product sold, 40% goes back to the artist-collaborator, 10% is intended for the eco-design and self-development training we hold regularly.  In the case of our eco-crafting workshops at 9 and Beyond, 43% goes to the host shop, 10% to us the organizers, and 47% to the artist.

We also make sure that they are working in good condition and are not forced to do so when not feeling well. We take monthly orders – giving them ample time to work on their designs or prepare for the camp or workshop very well.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS – in whatever we create, promote, or sell, we make sure we are going low impact for the environment. Our products are almost-zero-waste while our camps and tours are so lowbrow and simplified.

We hold eco-arts camps wherein creatives and artists who believe in social impact are empowered through open discussions and talks about environmental issues, quiet and alone time with nature, music and poetry jamming. The highlight of this camp is the brainstorming, conceptualization, and pitching of creative projects.

SUSTAINABLE SKILLS TRAINING – we never stop giving our artist-collaborators eco-design workshops, self-development training, and opportunities to bloom as individuals and as artists. We also invite volunteers to impart their skills to them. Other activities include film viewing, video tutorials, and a listening circle. 

INCLUSION -we allow our artist-collaborators to bring their children while we hold our workshops. Most of them are Mothers and we believe it does not stop them from being the best designers they can ever be. In addition, this gives their children the immersive experience to understand what they do. We also encourage openness in self-expression. 

AUTHENTICITY – each product and experience we offer is always aimed to embody authenticity. We always hope that we tell stories with honesty and that we do this with vulnerability so we can grow and expand truthfully. 

breakerWalo walo EarringsCo-creating change through creativity

Since we started planting the seeds of this project-venture, we’ve worked with 19 rural makers-artists (11 current) in creating unique eco-friendly creative products, we’ve hosted two The Nest camps – Kumba Ukulele and Songwriting and WVILC Environmental Challenge Lab Eco-arts camp: joined by a total of 30 artists around Iloilo, we’ve offered four eco-crafting workshops by Lala, Ghing, and Jen-jen of Kataw Jewelry, we’ve initiated two major public art event: Artivism Iloilo which involved almost 100 Ilonggo artists and more than 2,000 locals.

We are holding regular beach clean-ups, eco-art workshops, and self-development training for the artists we are collaborating with.

breakerUntitled-1Growing inward to serve outward

Marrz Capanang is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist whose work is mainly guided by intuitive energy and the natural world, he is also the pioneer Chairman of Himbon Contemporary Ilonggo Artists Group. Kristine Buenavista writes for various online platforms weaving voices of the unheard into feature stories; she has published zines and a book of poetry through KasingKasing Press. Jonn Laserna is a versatile visual artist who is also passionate about teaching art to children and the youth. One of his most successful independent projects is the guerilla art jam with eskina kids around Iloilo City.

Together we have received the call of the arts on the fringes of society. We realize that we can remain ourselves (adventurous-seeking curious laughing people) while believing in a cause and acting on our shared visions.