About us

An independent creative community creating and sustaining collaborations involving rural and marginalized communities and impact-believing artists.

Our intentions:


about us - image2bullet Using our talents and artistic approaches to facilitate the transformation of unskilled rural people into empowered makers and creatives through our eco-design and self-development workshops


about us [image 2]bullet Creating and selling unique, almost-zero-waste, compassionate, and story-rich products made by the ingenuity, landscape, and struggles of the Ilonggo barrio / purok


about us [image 3].jpgbullet Holding mindful and immersive activities that allow artists and creatives to commune with their purpose in community-building such as our eco-arts camps, eco-crafting workshops, zen playgrounds, rooted tours, and volunteering opportunities


about us [image 4].jpgbullet Initiating art events that showcase art with social impact, spiritual enrichment, and relatable language – opening it up to the public – upholding the spirit of education, awareness, and inclusion


about us [image 5].jpgbullet Challenging the single story about ‘the poor’ and suggesting different perspectives through authentic storytelling from the peripheries

We are based in Iloilo, Philippines.