About us

We are a social enterprise and evolving creative project with the aim of cultivating positive changemaking through nature-centered art, community and grassroots collaborations, and folk wisdom. 


Art for the Self:

As artists, we have constantly experience how art nurtures intuition, critical thinking, inner discovery, reflection, and a deeper knowing. No matter what walk of life you are in, art is an accessible tool that allows you to connect to a greater source of inspiration and dignity.

Art lets all of us experience one of our greatest yearnings – beauty.

Marrz and Ghing, eco-design workshop, Lawigan, San Joaquin
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Workshops for rural makers in their own homes
workshop 2
upcycling workshop with the youth of Iloilo

We hold continuous conscious designing workshops for diverse people: women without jobs, the youth, fellow artists who want to deepen the environmental and spiritual aspects of their work, and everyone who wishes to join either our eco-design workshops or immersive tours.

WVILC workshop and retreat for marine conservation and project envisioning
retreat 2
Kumba ukulele and songwriting retreat

We also host nature retreats for creatives so we can meet, be with each other, and share best practices and aspired projects focused on sustainability, inclusion, conscious activism, environmental awareness, and grassroots involvement.

Art for the community:

We believe that art is not a distant entity from us. It is a powerful shared value and an enjoyable medium that can include everyone. Creating together is an empowering experience that teaches us about how capable we are of building a better society.

We are the initiators and serial organizers of ARTIVISM.ILOILO the biggest continuous public art movement in Iloilo.

We bring art closer to the heart of the daily people. We paint and hold events in areas that are unlikely but vital. It is also a unifying platform for Ilonggo and Panayanon artists from various disciplines and an inclusive space for everyone who wishes to volunteer.

We paint walls to break walls.

about us [image 4]
ARTIVISM 1 (Huring-huring: social media and society)
artivism 2
ARTIVISM 2: Santa Filomena and the Sea (Campaign against single-use plastics + marine conservation)
artivism 3
ARTIVISM 3 Preview – a tribute to the oldest native delicacy maker and vendor inside the public market


Art for the natural world:

It is through art that we can enrich our relationship with our natural world. Poems, songs, paintings, films, and other art forms have immortalized the intimate relationship of humans with Earth.

We use art as the center of our vision to grow reciprocity with the Land that sustains all of us. Experiential art enables us to find that light which lets us understand: we are not passersby on our own planet.

We co-design ethical products, facilitate natural installation art for children and adults, host experiential learning, and uphold alternative media that highlight environmental love.

Kataw earrings by Ghing, co-designed with Marrz Capanang
natural art installation with kids at the old municipal dumpsite, Barotac Viejo
sag-a 1.alimacommunity
Installation art concept for Tiko and kids – SAG-A/SAGA, entry for Micro Galleries Global Day of Creative Action



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