A Compass with a Golden Sun

“My Tatay’s work at sea and the need to earn a living caused us to be apart most of the time. When inland, he spends his time giving advice, passing on skills, and instilling values in his children’s hearts. I wanted to wear a statement piece that would send my message of love and gratitude to my Tatay during my wedding day.

A compass with a golden sun, its rays surrounded by glittering sea glass: my guide to taking the right path.

Dangling from it is an anchor: the one that keeps me steady, strong and grounded. With materials gifted by the shores of San Joaquin, nothing else could be more fitting!

The moment I saw it, I felt the love, talent, and dedication its makers gave to package a daughter’s message into a piece of wearable artwork.

Salamat guid, Alima Community for giving the most important day of my life an extra memorable sparkle. Mabuhay kayo!”


Custom wedding earrings designed by our Co-Founder / Creative Director Marrz Capanang, crafted by Kataw artist Jenjen from Lawigan, San Joaquin.

Materials used: beach trash (thrown slippers and PET bottle, sea glasses, and discarded fish line)




The beautiful wedding of Jone and Chii

Photos by: Marcelo Tolentino IV (By the Meadow)


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