Alima Community

From fields to sailboats, clothes to food,  lamps to roofs, the hands of our communities have fed us and molded us.

And in the margins and peripheries, rural  artists continue to imagine and make: to tell stories out of natural materials, to keep traditions that are slowly being forgotten, and to mend what must not be thrown away just yet.



From the Forest to your Body

Ripened by sunshine, rain, and breeze in the mountains of Barotac Viejo. Woven out of a mother’s struggles and hopes.

May the wildness of nito vine and the intention of the maker touch you.

Wear power near your chest. Dangle laughter from your ears. Wrap friendship around your wrist.


Treasures washed Ashore

An old slipper has been floating around. A fisherman throws used rope out of the boat. Bottles break as they crash against beach rocks and sea walls. Plastics from households and passersby lure sea turtles and whales.

On the coast of San Joaquin, a woman picks trash and craft them into treasure.


Tapestry of Nostalgia

Once upon a time, people did not throw things away instantly when they break or tear a bit. They hand sew holes. They place patches. They tie one piece to the other. Then, they use it some more.

Immortalize this mindful practice through wearable art inspired by our grandmothers.