Alima Community

The artist was raised not only by the family and was not just driven by non-conformity, ideals, wildness, and grit.

He / She has received light and inspiration from the community: the Mothers who have birthed, fed and nourished his/ her friends, the Fathers who have built the houses and have ridden the carabaos through the paddies, the siblings who have washed the plates and have made the first kite.

The artist was raised in consciousness, struggle, and oneness. He/She has bathed from the community well, picked flowers from the neighbor’s yard, and ran around the fields that lit the whole barangay golden in summer.

This is why today, He/ She is giving back beyond exhibits and galleries.



From the Forest to your Body

Ripened by sunshine, rain, and breeze

in the mountains of San Enrique

Woven out of a family’s difficulties and hopes.

May the wildness of nito vine and the intention of the maker touch you.
Wear power near your chest. Dangle laughter from your ears. Wrap friendship around your wrist.


Treasures washed Ashore

An old slipper has been floating around.

A fisherman throws used rope out of the boat.

Bottles break as they crash against beach rocks and sea walls.

Plastics from households and passersby lure sea turtles and whales.

On the coast of San Joaquin, a woman picks trash and craft them into treasure.


We paint walls to break walls

Whether oil or acrylic, watercolor or digital, let’s paint side by side.

For beyond you and me, there is a greater cause:

to inform, to inspire, to liberate, to change,

to ask, to create, most importantly, to connect. 

The Nest

I pick a twig, and you place the twine

Every leaf is seen. Every grass builds this home

where we can open our hearts

and be fed by the Good, the Kind and

the Transcendental


Begin your flap with us here.